things and words of a white twenty-one-year-old writer, transhumanist, bisexual (pansexual?), atheist, feminist, human. currently in sheboygan, wi. i sometimes talk to people, so feel free to be one of those people.

lovely things include parks and rec, misfits, the hunger games, joss whedon, buffy, dollhouse, jthm, zombies, swedish, eureka, warehouse 13, donnie darko, 28 days later, l4d, my mad fat diary, harry potter, science, criminal minds, science fiction, and much more.


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  1. yellowbrutalmartyr said: Complete twats. We used to have one in cardiff and it said in the add only apply if you have a D cup or above boob size and a max of size 10 clothing size. What a joke.
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    Never, ever, EVER let a place like this dictate how you look. It’s totally okay if you like doing these things, wearing...
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