things and words of a white twenty-two-year-old writer, transhumanist, pansexual, atheist, feminist, human. currently in sheboygan, wi. i sometimes talk to people, so feel free to be one of those people.

lovely things include parks and rec, misfits, the hunger games, joss whedon, buffy, dollhouse, jthm, zombies, swedish, eureka, warehouse 13, donnie darko, 28 days later, l4d, my mad fat diary, harry potter, science, criminal minds, science fiction, and much more.


bring me a bouquet of promises,
wound up into delicate wrapped petals so that
i can believe they will blosom some day and
be real.

tell me that you’ll always be there,
even when I know you’ll eventually be there
less and less
until you barely know my name and
i’m still whispering yours to strangers
and pretending you were barely on
my mind tonight.

file away the experiences that involved
both of us, because keeping them current
is wasting room for your future, even
if it’s still hard for me to even think